• Oh hello, cake of my dreams! 😍 So much pretty to celebrate @amanda100lc and Baby Dawbarn today. More in my stories!
  • Greek yogurt, blueberry, mango, cherry, goji, coconut popsicle ingredients. Just blend and freeze! I made these for Owen so he could enjoy something cool (but naturally sweetened) during this LA heatwave.
  • Sunny with a chance of melting. Think that pretty much much sums up the last few dayyyyys. ☀️🔥💥😅
  • One little monkey jumping on the bed. 🐒❤️ This was our 4th road trip up north with Owen and we find it works best if we time long driving stretches with his naps, take breaks and bring lots of snacks and books to occupy him. Would love to hear your toddler travel tips too, since I'm already thinking about our next trek up to Cambria. It's pure magic ✨Thanks for hosting us #oceanpointranch.
  • It’s California Avocado season and I can’t get enough, which means @CA_Avocados chocolate mousse (#Ad) for a healthy twist on dessert. The creaminess of avocados is perfect blended with dates, cacao powder and almond milk. #CaAvocadoMonth 🥑🥑🥑
  • Owen’s very first food was avocado and it’s also become his favorite food—just like mama! #Ad Living in California means having access to some of the best local produce, which means this babe has been eating very well. It’s been so fun introducing him to new flavors and wholesome, real foods/ingredients, like @CA_Avocados. (The good fats are great for his brain development!) So far, he’s been an adventurous, voracious little eater, so fingers crossed that it continues. #CaAvocadoMonth
  • 😋Mushroom bowl, bialy with veggies and a smoked salmon toast. Also, is there a word that describes that thing where you like something so much you're scared to order something else in fear that you'll be disappointed you don't like it as much as what you usually get??
  • I love CA farmers markets this time of year! #sponsored With the tail end of winter/spring and the beginning of summer fruits and vegetables all in season, you get the best of both worlds! I feel so lucky to have access to such beautiful, healthy, local produce, like @CA_Avocados, so I’m celebrating the season with a food collage. 🥑🥑🥑#CaAvocadoMonth
  • This is how we guacamole. 🥑😝 I like mine chunky, with sweet onions instead of regular, and abundant!! How about you?

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